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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tynan and adam we could spark storms because of the severe thunderstorm watch that was just issued within the last hour in effect until 10:00 p.m. in a line from reading and philadelphia and chads worth and points to the north and any storms that blast through here could have winds of 60 miles per hour and even the possibility of small to moderate size hail. they are in the lehigh valley sparking warnings here south of scranton but there is a cylinder south of scranton so they have produced powerful winds and that cylinder is near extra and ton and they push north to south as they try to spin up pretty nasty storms. the storms mainly north and west of philadelphia and it's biggest impact is the poconos and the lehigh valley. and could brush the city if they hold together between 9:00 and 11:00 tonight bringing heavy
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rain briefly and again those very strong winds. the other story that everyone is feeling is the heat feeling above 100 in southern areas if philadelphia and the excessive heat warning continues through 8:00 p.m. tonight in areas in trenton, philadelphia and wilmington and the adjacent counties of i-95 and the advisory north and west and south and east expires at 7:00 p.m. the temperatures tomorrow talking about the heat wave lingering through the upcoming weekend in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> as the extreme heat continues, use our mobile app to keep informed for tips to staying cool to stormtracker 6 live double scan live. it's a free download for your mobile device. it was a unanimous decision, a nevada prison board granted o.j. simpson parole this afternoon. >> mr. simpson i vote to grant parole eligible and that will
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conclude this hearing. >> thank you. thank you. >> a relieved simpson thanked the board for its decision during the hearing the 70-year-old told commissioners he had no intention of committing a crime in the hotel room and apologized saying he was sorry that things turned out the way they did. >> if i would have made a better judgment back then, none of this would have happened. i take full responsibility. >> simpson could walk free from prison as early as october 1st. christie aleto joins us live. simpson is a polarizing figure so it's not surprise that this had people talking? >> reporter: that is right. it doesn't surprise people that it has a lot of people talking, he served the minimum 9 year sentence of a 33 year sentence.
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some people were stunned. >> the news o.j. simpson was granted parole spread fast. >> thank you. >> he should have only gotten one year but got 33 years. >> so they should have let him out long ago. >> i am shocked actually. i don't understand why they would let him out. >> the hall-of-fame running back turned convict the kidnapper and armed robber asked for early release from his 33 year sentence, his attorney and daughter and a victim of the incident talked to the parole board. >> and they look at other factors such as prior criminal history, he has none. he was not convicted of murder in california. >> the appearance was less intense than when he was on trial for the murder of his ex-wife nicole and ron goldman, he was found not guilty.
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>> i never expected he would get paroled. i think he is a terrible person. >> he is given a second chance. >> i have been given a second chance myself good someone that got second chances what is your advice to him. >> come out and be a productive citizen to society that is the best thing you can do. >> some sound advice there, the board chairman warned they don't look kindly on parole violations and could be out as early as october 1st. >> thank you. world news tonight with david muir has more on simpson's parole hearing next at 6:30 after "action news." new at 6:00 confessed cop killer was convicted after pleading guilty to shooting christopher d
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dorman, he was sentenced to 11 to 23 months in jail for related gun charges. a montgomery family is suing two drexel fraternity as well as five students an a bar. jeff joins us with more. >> reporter: sadly this case sounds familiar. this is the 14 count civil lawsuit it alleges that fraternity brothers here at drexel university failed to do anything after one of their own suffered a traumatic brain injury. >> he should be out getsing his career started and instead he has mom and dad helping him to put his clothes on and tie his shoes. >> at a news conference roger and elizabeth details their son's ian's recovering from a
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brain incidence. >> he was full of fun before the accident and he is a good kid. >> during the altercation the then drexel business major was purged and hits his head on cement knocking him out. it shows two of his fraternity brothers carrying him to the frat house and no one called 911 until his family found him unconscious 10 hours later. >> if he had immediate medical attention, he would not have suffered the devastating injuries he did. >> a 14 count civil lawsuit filed today alleges neglect by five students and two fraternities and the bar where they were drinking before the fight. and this has similarities of timothy piazza of new jersey that died of traumatic injuries after members of a penn state fraternity failed to call 911. >> they have to do a better job of telling people you won't get in trouble.
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this is something we applaud because we want to save lives. >> in a statement, drexel university says they give complete amnesty if they report someone at risk. and they hope that the suit will bring awareness. >> it's twoer the worst years of my life. i don't want any other family to have to go through what we have had to go through. >> no criminal charges are filed. drexel police handled this case and why charges were not handled. the da's office told us there was never a formal request to investigate. >> channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. authorities served a search warrant at a malvern home of a woman missing for three months and state police detectives and unit as rived today armed with a
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sealed search warrant and reported missing in april. her husband is now hired an attorney and has not spoken publically about his missing wife. they say she would not have voluntarily left her son or cut off can't with her native family in poland. >> a teen critically wounded in trenton has now died. 15-year-old tyler brag was shot in the head on division street and died this morning on capital health medical center two 15-year-old boys and a 16-year-old girl was wounded in the shooting. police and search teams were out in the solebury township farm where the bodies of four young men were discovered and they are combing the site for evidence they may have missed last week. chad pradelli has the story.
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>> reporter: police, k-9 units and police on horse back combed the farm one last time looking for possible evidence and the 20-year-old allegedly confessed to killing four young men last week and their bodies were found on a shallow grave on route 202. >> there is an old stay saying in construction measure twice and cut once. we only have one shot and we don't want to miss anything. >> flowers for the victims baked in the sun and bucks county district attorney says that dinardo and kratz will soon have their day in court. the investigation is on going but the bulk of it is over. philadelphia police is also investigating somewhat vague claims by dinardo that he killed before in philadelphia. >> i can tell you that we are working with philadelphia pd and cooperating with them fully. >> philadelphia police are looking at old murder cases but detectives tell me that so far
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they are unable to make no connection to cosmo dinardo. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." one of those four murder victims was laid to rest today. family and friends gathered in northeast philadelphia to say good-bye to 21-year-old tom meo. a funeral mass was held at saint anthony church and a service is tonight for mark sturgis from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m. coming up tonight an interim describe attorney is picked to replace seth williams. we'll talk about the ununique vote to choose the replacement. and it is hot and humid everywhere and now we are even tracking severe storms coming into the poconos right fow on stormtracker 6 live double scan we'll time the storms and talk about the watch in the accuweather forecast. in the meantime, meteorologist, melissa magee down in margate
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enjoying a nice cool breeze off the ocean. >> reporter: hi there adam it feels fantastic with the southerly breeze. we'll have more on the hot accuweather forecast and when the relief is coming. >> thank you melissa.
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this is a freeze frame of the man shot by septa police in kensington. they want to be transparent and released this body camera video of officers responding in the 400 block of sunset street and
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moments later firing at jose lebron. he emerged from a nearby home and pointed a firearm at his own head and then the officers, both lebron and the woman survived he is charged with attempted murder. an arsonist struck twice at the old wanamaker building in wilmington. the facility is on augustine cutoff known as the insight building under construction and a similar fire was set there last month. the vote for an interim district attorney to replace seth williams is now complete. former assistance da kelly hodge got the highest number of votes after three rounds of voting, the voting itself is a unique process. 88 judges of the court of common pleas drop their pick in an old hot tap. one of several kept at philadelphia city hall kept for
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this purpose. and they keep voting until a candidate gets the majority. hodge will hold the position until a new da is chosen in november. and montgomery county dad hugged his children today for the first time in six months. [ applause ] >> dad! >> staff sergeant kyle woods embragsed braced his oldest son and then staged the same surprise for his oldest son and mom was there for the happy and emotional reunion. >>
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. ducis is here with sport. the training camp around the corner. >> it will be here before we know it. monday morning shortly before 9:00 the players will be on the field. this year the expectations are higher and the birds showed some promise last season and they made quite a few changes and
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most on the offensive side of the ball. they got torrey smith and carson wentz a new running back in blunt. how much pressure is on doug peterson -- >> if the eagles struggle this year, is doug peterson in the hot seat. >> he would be. >> because he is connected to carson wentz. that is why they blocked the quarterback coach but they feel good about the other coaches and feel good about doug because the players respect him they have to show progress and 9-7 shows the progress. >> good insight there, a day after pounding out 20 hits the phillies have the night off and nick williams the rookie is making an impression. williams is batting .360 after the all start break.
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he has 11 rbis. >> and howie kendrick makes a rehab start and plays left fieldworking his way back from a hamstring injury and he could return to the phillies by the weekend. and a step back for nolan patrick today was suppose to be the first day on the ice and he has an infection in his face. the second overall pick is kept off of on isaactists while recovering from his second sports career surgery. >> to golf, it's only day one but looks like the open championship will be a run away for one golfer. three are tied at the top. 22 golfers are within 3 shots of the lead. one is brooks kepka. on the beach for 17 for eagle to
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your living room or ipad. he is at minus five and matt kuchar five birdies on the front nine and third coleader it jordan spieth. they all share the lead at 5 under par. >> we started strong and i thought i'd give it a 9 across the board and ball striking and tee balls and short game inputting. so things are in check and it's about keeping it consistent. >> he had the great 2015 and looking to get back in the major win column this year. >> thank you. adam joseph up next.
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adam is here for cecily and the heat wave drags on. >> especially through the weekend and next week and now we track storms fueled by the heat and humidity. we have severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of the lehigh valley as well as northampton and monroe counties. these until lat left 6:30 or as late as 7:00 as we get toward bethlehem and easton as they come in from the north and west and they are severe because they are producing winds of 60 as well as quarter size hail coming in from the north and west. we look at this on stormtracker 6 live double scan lightning near 71 lightning strikes, powerful bolts of lightning
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across lake harmony, gilbert at 6:30, and little gap at 6:32. and it continues to track these as they start to move into our viewing area and again they have a history of producing hail and what you see here is what we call the hail pack so to speak. it developed and the thickest and brightest is the biggest hail tracking across lake harmony and the swath shopping up on the radar. 98 is the heat index in philadelphia and 100 in dover and 102 in millville and 103 at the atlantic city airport. and they are brushing the areas where we have the severe thunderstorm watch until sock. pennsylvania all points north. and trenton and lakehurst at 10:30 this evening and they fall apart into the evening hours and progress through the area, and
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some could be strong and scattered severe storms as well. as we get into the day tomorrow. after the boundary passes through it won't bring relief and an excessive heat warning with the index into the upper 90s during the middle and latter partners of the afternoon tomorrow. and some changes start to arrive. 9:00 in the morning hazy sunshine for the most part and you see storms popping during the afternoon and some of those could be strong to severe as well on saturday. and it starts to turn unsettled across all of the area as we get into the upcoming weekend. meteorologist, melissa magee, her hair is blowing in the breeze on the shores of margate. you are enjoying it down there. don't show off either. >> that is right adam. i was just talking. it's a nice break from the heat and humidity. because it is so hot, really uncomfortable across inland
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locations we have the shore forecast covering for you. tomorrow at the shore it looks like high temperatures will be in the upper 80s and sunshine and we'll stay dry tomorrow it's another hot day. on saturday it looks to stay unsettled. sun to start the day and tracking showers and storms to late saturday into sunday we have got an unsettled period. on sunday we call for a high of about 87 degrees, both days over the weekend. the ocean temperature will be in the upper 70s. very warm and it will not be a washout over the weekend but one of those days you need to keep a watchful eye to the sky with the showers and stormed. wish you were down there with me. >> you had a lot of fun especially with all the ice-cream. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast heat wave goes into the weekend and into monday and turns more unsettled especially saturday going into the day on sunday with numerous downpours and storm, the heat wave will break late monday into tuesday and tuesday dropping
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humidity back to 85 with a scattered storm and upper 80s on wednesday and thursday. that is back to normal and we are all going to enjoy it. >> relief. a local organization taught people how to save lives. they set up five minute training sections at jefferson station, they learned hands on only cpr. and 1200 people died of sudden cardiac arrest in 2015. "action news" continues on phl 17 at 10:00 and join us for "action news" at 11:00, for cecily, jim, ducis and adam. i'm monica malpass see you at 11:00.
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tonight, o.j. simpson will go free. the parole board asking him today what he has learned in prison. was he humbled by his time behind bars? and millions across this country watching as simpson said this. >> i basically have spent a conflict-free life. >> today, where does o.j. simpson plan to live now? how much money is he making from the nfl and the rules he'll face to while on parole come october. breaking news for the first time. pe hear from the police chief in minneapolis after that bride-to-be was shot and killed just a short time after calling 911 for help. yf the police been silent? president trump's bombshell. his blistering words for his own attorney general. the a.g. he selected. tonight what jeff sessions is


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